503+ Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers and Content CreatorsBloggers in our Affiliate Ace Community continually ask me where to find the best affiliate programs in their niche. That's why I put together this awesome resource with hundreds of options organized by category.

Popular Categories

There are several niches and blogger categories with TONS of the best affiliate programs to choose from. As such, I'm rounding up every single program I can find and creating individual posts for each in the coming weeks:
73+ High Paying Affiliate Programs
67+ Food Affiliate Programs
59+ Art & Craft Affiliate Programs
71+ Travel Affiliate Programs
97+ Fashion Affiliate Programs
61+ Financial Affiliate Programs
91+ Beauty & Makeup Affiliate Programs

All Other Categories

If you're looking for the best affiliate programs that don't quite fit into the categories above, there's 30+ B2B/software affiliate programs and 30+ B2C affiliate programs below.

Heads up: Since I share affiliate marketing strategies with awesome people like you, naturally my content may contain affiliate links for products I use and love. If you take action (i.e. subscribe, make a purchase) after clicking one of these links, I'll earn some coffee money ☕️ which I promise to drink while creating more helpful content like this ☕️

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503+ Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers and Content Creators

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Best Affiliate Programs – B2B / Software Categories

Marketing Affiliate Programs

ConvertKit: 30% recurring monthly

Leadpages: 30% recurring monthly / 30-day cookie

Animoto: 20% per sale

HIPMediaKits: 40% per sale

Tailwind: 15% per sale / 90-day cookie

AWeber: 30% recurring monthly / 1-year cookie

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

SiteGround: $50-$125 per sale / 30-day cookie

BlueHost: $65 per sale / 60-day cookie

HostGator: $125 per sale / 60-day cookie

RoseHosting: 50% per sale + 10% recurring monthly

DreamHost: 97% per customer / 60-day cookie

WP Engine: $200 per customer or 100% of customer’s 1st payment / 180-day cookie

WordPress Related Affiliate Programs

BluChic: 25% per sale

Gravity Forms: 20% per sale

Elegant Themes: 50% per sale + recurring / 180-day cookie

Studio Press: 35% per sale & 5% two-tier / 60-day cookie

Thesis: 33% per sale / 60-day cookie

Education Affiliate Programs

Grammarly: Up to $20 per sale & $0.20 per lead / 90-day cookie

CreativeLive: 10-20% per sale & $1 per lead / 30-day cookie

Skillshare: $10 per customer / 30-day cookie

Udemy: 40-50% per sale / 7-day cookie

Blog Clarity: 15% per sale / 90-day cookie

Teachable: 30% recurring monthly / 90-day cookie

Website Related Affiliate Programs

Weebly: 30% per sale / 120-day cookie

Shopify: 200% per sale / 30-day cookie

BigCommerce: 200% per sale / 90-day cookie

Wix: $100 per sale / 30-day cookie

SamCart: 30% recurring monthly

GoDaddy: 40% per sale

Biz Software Affiliate Programs

FreshBooks: $100 per sale / 45-day cookie

Capsule: 20% recurring monthly

Wrike: $100-200 per sale / 90-day cookie

Screenflow: Up to 15% per sale / 90-day cookie

Freshdesk: 20% per sale / 120-day cookie

LastPass: 20% per sale / 14-day cookie

Best Affiliate Programs – B2C Categories

Jewelry Affiliate Programs

Blue Nile: 5% per sale / 30-day cookie

Zales: Up to 6% per sale / 7-day cookie

Kay: Up to 7% per sale / 1-day cookie

Mala Collective: 15% per sale / 25-day cookie

Jeulia: 15% per sale / 45-day cookie

Stella & Dot: 5-12% per sale & $100 per stylist referral / 30-day cookie

Wedding Affiliate Programs

Minted: 10-12% per sale / 120-day cookie

Blurb: 5-15% per sale / $1 per book / 120-day cookie

Shutterfly: 2-10% per sale

For Your Party: 5-10% per sale / 90-day cookie

HitchStitch: 10% per sale

HotRef: 8% per sale

Design Related Affiliate Programs

Shutterstock: 20% per sale

PicMonkey: 50% per sale / 90-day cookie

99 Designs: $55 per customer

Fotolia: 15% per sale /365-day cookie

CreativeMarket: 10% per sale / 365-day cookie

Adobe: 85% on customer’s 1st monthly payment & 8.33% per sale on yearly subscription

Fitness Affiliate Programs

Barefoot Yoga: 10% per sale / 60-day cookie

BodyBuilding.com: 5-15% per sale / 9-day cookie

Jade Yoga: 20% per sale / 30-day cookie

Onnit: Up to 18% per sale

Vega: 8-15% per sale / 60-day cookie

Reebok: Up to 7% per sale / 30-day cookie

Hotel Affiliate Programs

Expedia: Up to 12% per sale / 7-day cookie

TripAdvisor: 50-80% per sale

Hotels.com: 4% per sale / 7-day cookie

Booking.com: 25-40% per sale

Marriott: 3-6% per sale / 7-day cookie

Hilton: 4%+ per sale

Health Affiliate Programs

Yuve: 15% per sale / 60-day cookie

DirectEats: 5% per sale / 90-day cookie

Sunfood: 30% per sale

Live Superfoods: 10% per sale / 30-day cookie

Well.ca: 5% per sale

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503+ Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers and Content Creators

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503+ Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers and Content Creators