71+ Travel Affiliate Programs for Nomad and Travel Bloggers

71+ Travel Affiliate Programs for Nomad and Travel Bloggers

Ready to break the mold with the travel affiliate programs you’re part of?

I had the pleasure of joining Lauren at Elle & Co. for an Ellechat called 11 Clever Ways To Use Affiliate Links and during our session, an interesting question came up from Christina at 72 Hours To Go:

“I am in the travel industry and am looking for innovative ways to use affiliate links besides hotel chains and travel gear. Any suggestions on products, services, or programs?”

While I responded with a short answer at the time, the question certainly stuck with me. I wanted to develop a list of travel affiliate programs that would excite Christina and other travel bloggers who were sick of promoting the same old, same old.

The end result is this list of 71+ travel affiliate programs I put together for today’s post.

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91+ Beauty Affiliate Programs for Makeup and Beauty Bloggers

91+ Beauty Affiliate Programs for Makeup and Beauty Bloggers

There’s ample opportunity to profit from beauty affiliate programs and it’s only going to get better with time. That’s because nearly 3.7 billion dollars worth of beauty products were sold online in 2015 and that number is slated to rise by 12% by 2020.

To help you get in on the profit party, I want to share a list of 91+ beauty affiliate programs across 8 categories so you can quickly find the products you use and love and share them as an affiliate.

If you’re brand new to affiliate marketing, you need to get approved to at least one affiliate program before you can call yourself an affiliate so this list will help you complete that easy, but important first step.

If you’re a seasoned blogger already approved to multiple beauty affiliate programs, I encourage you to go through the list to find a few new options that offer higher payouts or longer cookie lengths. They’ll come in handy as you get more creative with your affiliate experiments.

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61+ Financial Affiliate Programs for Bloggers In Any Niche

Financial affiliate programs are the bees knees of the affiliate marketing world.

Not only do they pay above average commissions compared to other program categories, you don’t need to be a financial blogger to get in on the profit party because money conversations are relevant in pretty much every blogger’s life.

Really, who doesn’t like to talk about money?

That’s why I encourage you to add a few finance affiliate programs into your promotional mix, regardless of your niche. The potential payoff of your affiliate experiments will be well worth it.

To help you get moving, I’ve rounded up a list of 61+ financial affiliate programs, across 8 categories, for you to consider. Let’s dive in…

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73+ High Paying Affiliate Programs for Business Bloggers

I’m in awe of how many brands offer high paying affiliate programs nowadays.

When I first got started with affiliate marketing nearly a decade ago, there weren’t many top paying programs to choose from. At least not from companies I’d want to associate myself with, if you know what I mean. I eventually got approved to several programs with more attractive commission structures than programs like Amazon provided and after some experimenting, went from earning 1 or 2 digits to multiple 4 digits in a month.

What I realized back then that still rings true today is this: the energy involved in developing affiliate content and campaigns is similar no matter what the price point of your product is. That’s why I think every affiliate should have a few high paying programs in their arsenal.

As luck would have it, today’s post has over 73 for you to choose from.

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