• 61+ Financial Affiliate Programs for Bloggers In Any Niche

    61+ Financial Affiliate Programs for Bloggers In Any Niche

    Financial affiliate programs are the bees knees of the affiliate marketing world.

    Not only do they pay above average commissions compared to other program categories, you don’t need to be a financial blogger to get in on the profit party because money conversations are relevant in pretty much every blogger’s life.

    Really, who doesn’t like to talk about money?

    That’s why I encourage you to add a few finance affiliate programs into your promotional mix, regardless of your niche. The potential payoff of your affiliate experiments will be well worth it.

    To help you get moving, I’ve rounded up a list of 61+ financial affiliate programs, across 8 categories, for you to consider. Let’s dive in…

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  • 73+ High Paying Affiliate Programs for Business Bloggers

    73+ High Paying Affiliate Programs for Business Bloggers and Content Creators

    I’m in awe of how many brands offer high paying affiliate programs nowadays.

    When I first got started with affiliate marketing nearly a decade ago, there weren’t many top paying programs to choose from. At least not from companies I’d want to associate myself with, if you know what I mean. I eventually got approved to several programs with more attractive commission structures than programs like Amazon provided and after some experimenting, went from earning 1 or 2 digits to multiple 4 digits in a month.

    What I realized back then that still rings true today is this: the energy involved in developing affiliate content and campaigns is similar no matter what the price point of your product is. That’s why I think every affiliate should have a few high paying programs in their arsenal.

    As luck would have it, today’s post has over 73 for you to choose from.

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  • 67+ Food Affiliate Programs for Bloggers and Content Creators

    food affiliate programs

    Joining a variety of food affiliate programs can make a huge difference in your earning potential.

    When I first learned about affiliate marketing, it sounded like a win/win/win way to monetize my blog. But I wasn’t sure where to start. So like most newbies, I jumped on the Amazon affiliate program bandwagon. Using their widget maker, I created a little store full of hand-picked products and added it to a page on my site.

    I remember logging into my earnings dashboard almost daily to see if I had generated commission. Not surprisingly, I hadn’t.

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  • How to Increase Your Affiliate Income with Special Perks

    How to Increase Your Affiliate Income with Special Perks

    Want to increase your affiliate income without doubling or tripling your traffic? I’ve got two words for you: special perks.

    Special perks are what I call uncommon promotional tools and resources your affiliate manager can give you to increase your conversions and commissions.

    But Justine, why would they be willing to share extra stuff with little ol’ me?

    First, your affiliate manager wants you to succeed so if they can give you a special perk to improve your performance, they will.

    Second, sales driven by content affiliates have risen 240% in the past 2 years. Which means now more than ever, affiliate managers are investing additional time and resources into helping bloggers and content creators thrive in their affiliate programs.

    Sounds great – how can I take advantage of these special perks you speak of?

    That’s what today’s post is all about.

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