67+ Food Affiliate Programs for Bloggers and Content Creators

Joining a variety of food affiliate programs can make a huge difference in your earning potential.

When I first learned about affiliate marketing, it sounded like a win/win/win way to monetize my blog. But I wasn’t sure where to start. So like most newbies, I jumped on the Amazon affiliate program bandwagon. Using their widget maker, I created a little store full of hand-picked products and added it to a page on my site.

I remember logging into my earnings dashboard almost daily to see if I had generated commission. Not surprisingly, I hadn’t.

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How to Increase Your Affiliate Income with Special Perks

How to Increase Your Affiliate Income with Special Perks

Want to increase your affiliate income without doubling or tripling your traffic? I’ve got two words for you: special perks.

Special perks are what I call uncommon promotional tools and resources your affiliate manager can give you to increase your conversions and commissions.

But Justine, why would they be willing to share extra stuff with little ol’ me?

First, your affiliate manager wants you to succeed so if they can give you a special perk to improve your performance, they will.

Second, sales driven by content affiliates have risen 240% in the past 2 years. Which means now more than ever, affiliate managers are investing additional time and resources into helping bloggers and content creators thrive in their affiliate programs.

Sounds great – how can I take advantage of these special perks you speak of?

That’s what today’s post is all about.

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39+ Ways To Experiment And Profit With Affiliate Links

39 Ways to Experiment and Profit with Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing can be a powerful way to make money blogging, but it won’t work unless you experiment with your affiliate links.

When I got approved to my first affiliate program, I used my affiliate links in a couple different ways and made a whopping zero dollars. I considered walking away right then and there – and sadly many bloggers do just that.

But I kept at it. Within a few months of trying new tactics using my affiliate links, I earned 5 figures. Nearly a decade later, I continue to use this experimental approach with my own content and recommend it to the lovely affiliates I interact with as affiliate manager for companies like FreshBooks and Gusto.

Now if experimenting with affiliate links sounds daunting, don’t worry – I’m going to make things simple.

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Affiliate Disclosure DOs and DON’Ts You Need To Know Now

Affiliate Disclosure DOs and DON'Ts You Need To Know Now

If you were in the middle of a high stakes Poker game and ran out of cash, would you risk betting your blog or business to keep going?

Probably not.

But by failing to blog without a proper affiliate disclosure, you’re gambling with your professional assets every single day.

That’s why it’s vital that you, with help from this article, create or review your affiliate disclosure today. This will ensure legal actions aren’t taken against you and the blog you work so hard on. Let’s get to work, you little gambler…

What is an affiliate disclosure?

An affiliate disclosure is a disclaimer statement that informs consumers or potential buyers that you are in a paid relationship with the company or person you’re linking to as an affiliate.

Here’s a short-form example from my site:

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