Create an Affiliate Program

The Crucial Exercise You Must Do When Launching An Affiliate Program

How To Perform a Competitive Analysis to Choose Your Affiliate Program Commission Structure

When I speak to potential new clients, a question I usually ask is what commission are you thinking about offering to your affiliates?.

These are the most common answers:

well, (COMPETITOR NAME) is offering this, so I’m planning to match that amount

My competitors don’t have affiliate programs – I’d like to offer (LOW COMMISSION AMOUNT)

My competitors offer really generous commission rates but I can’t afford to match their insane budgets. I have no idea what to offer.

On one hand, it’s great that these folks have a pulse on what their competitors are doing…

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How to Easily Edit Product Photos With PicMonkey

PicMonkey Tutorial - How To Easily Edit Product Photos

Back in the day, I created a handmade jewelry company and within a few short months, had my products in 12 retail stores across Canada. Later, I started sharing my experiences with fellow product sellers who were looking to do the exact same thing.

While the process I used is several years old, I’m positive it would still work to this day.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Step 1: Find retail stores – either by looking at a similar company’s list of retailers or via software (Ninja Outreach would work well for that – here’s a tutorial)
  • Step 2: Pitch them your wholesale line – back then I emailed out a Wholesale line sheet (free one below!) but a page on your website works too
  • Step 3: Receive and fulfill your Wholesale orders 🙂

Seems simple but…

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