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If you have an affiliate program you'd like to submit for one of our Best Affiliate Programs posts, please fill out this form and we will consider adding it at the next quarterly update. If you want to jump the queue and have your program featured prominently, please use the contact form above to inquire about advertising.

Sometimes! The majority of guest post pitches we get are not relevant to our readers. However we're open to hearing from you if you have an interesting idea that could help our audience of marketing managers, content creators and online business founders. Please include examples of articles you've already written and a link to your own site with the proposal. 

Absolutely! While I primarily serve B2B tech clients who want to start or grow their affiliate program, I've worked on all sorts of programs over the years. Please note, ongoing program management starts at $5K per month. We also have options starting at $500 including consulting calls, team training sessions and launch or audit only services. 

For sure! I've coached thousands of affiliates in the course of my career as a program manager and would be happy to work with your site to grow affiliate revenue. Learn more and book these services here. Our services start at $550 so they are recommended for more established online business owners.

If you're just getting started with blogging or affiliate marketing, we recommend experimenting with different techniques while you grow your traffic and audience. This site was created to help content creators do just that, so be sure to subscribe to our weekly notes and peruse our recommended resources and/or blog for tips.

I fell into affiliate marketing accidentally, and it was the best thing ever. There are many ways to get into this line of work, and I'm sure each affiliate manager has a different career story. But for me, the best way was to learn by doing. I started as an affiliate and later created my own small affiliate program for a digital product I was selling. These experiences led me to pitching an affiliate program at my first startup job, and the rest is history. 

Sorry, this is not something I usually do. Unless you have a highly relevant guest post or affiliate program listing, I won't be able to do that. If you have a relevant authoritative site and want to swap links, or are interested in advertising opportunities, please email me to discuss.


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