PicMonkey Tutorial - How To Easily Edit Product Photos

Back in the day, I created a handmade jewelry company and within a few short months, had my products in 12 retail stores across Canada. Later, I started sharing my experiences with fellow product sellers who were looking to do the exact same thing.

While the process I used is several years old, I'm positive it would still work to this day.

Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Step 1: Find retail stores – either by looking at a similar company's list of retailers or via software (Ninja Outreach would work well for that – here's a tutorial)
  • Step 2: Pitch them your wholesale line – back then I emailed out a Wholesale line sheet (free one below!) but a page on your website works too
  • Step 3: Receive and fulfill your Wholesale orders 🙂

Seems simple but it really works if you hustle to pitch new stores every week. I only did that for a couple of months and landed 12 stores so imagine what you could do if you worked at it for months or years.

Click the graphic below to get a free line sheet template should you want to try wholesaling:

Wholesale Line Sheet and Bonus Training Video

Getting back to the topic of this post, the biggest roadblock most sellers faced during the wholesale process was prepping line sheets like the one I'm sharing above. The problem was many of their product photos looked really dull and unprofessional. Not bad or fuzzy, just super zoomed out, dull and lacked the right colors – as if they snapped a photo and immediately uploaded it without any editing.

Now you may be wondering, why is this relevant to starting an affiliate program?

I get it, this post probably had too much backstory so let me get to the point now.

Since I share affiliate marketing strategies with awesome people like you, naturally my content may contain affiliate links for products I use and love. If you take action (i.e. subscribe, make a purchase) after clicking one of these links, I'll earn some coffee money ☕️ which I promise to drink while creating more helpful content like this.Affiliate Disclosure</ br>

The reason you need pro photos before starting an affiliate program is because it's not just retailers that are going to run for the hills if you have poor product photos – affiliates will too. Affiliates need high quality product shots to use in their promotions, including content and ads. If yours don't look polished, there's no chance they will join your program or feature you on their site.

Luckily, I'm going to show you how to easily edit your product photos using PicMonkey, which is my FAVE photo tool. The best part is PicMonkey is free and only costs $33 per year if you decide to upgrade for premium features.

Below is the video tutorial and below that is a quick text tutorial as well. If you have 4 minutes to spare, I highly recommend the the video as it goes much deeper.



Let's assume you're super organized and have your product photos ready to go.

Step 1: Go to PicMonkey.com and click Edit, which will prompt you to load a photo. Choose the product photo you'd like to edit and click Open.

PicMonkey Tutorial - Easily Edit Product Photos

Step 2: Click Crop and use the drag grid to crop out unneeded background.

PicMonkey Tutorial - Easily Edit Product Photos

Step 3: Next, let's click on Exposure. Here you will find Brightness, Highlights, Shadows and Contract. I start with Brightness to turn a dull background into something brighter & whiter looking. If you go too far with brightness (or highlights), you can lose details so be careful.

PicMonkey Tutorial - Easily Edit Product Photos

Tip: I recommend exploring other editing features first before applying anything, to ensure you can find the best formula for your particular photo style and product type.

Step 4: In the last step, we lost some of the product color so now, click on Colors to use Saturation to get some of that color back. The exact numbers I use here aren't important as your photos might require different ones, so use whatever levels work best for you.

PicMonkey Tutorial - Easily Edit Product Photos

Step 5: There's a nifty feature called Clarity which you can find by clicking Sharpen. This is the last tool I use to get my product photos in shape using PicMonkey. Clarity works well to make your item details come alive, without getting that grainy look Sharpen often gives.

PicMonkey Tutorial - Easily Edit Product Photos

That's really it! Once you get to know PicMonkey, the entire process per photo would take like a minute or two max. Here's the before and (not earth shattering but much better) after:

PicMonkey Tutorial - Easily Edit Product Photos

What I love about PicMonkey is you can get tons of other editing features such as effects, touch up, frames and more – I'd recommend watching the end of the video if you want a quick tour of those options.

Once your photos are edited, use them to create banners for your affiliate program. Or grab my free template + video below to easily create a wholesale line sheet to get your products into retail stores.

Wholesale Line Sheet and Bonus Training Video

What editing tools do you use to enhance your product photos? Do you think your product photos are ready for affiliates to use in their promotions?! Let me know in the comments below.

PicMonkey Tutorial - How To Easily Edit Product Photos