How to Increase Your Affiliate Income with Special Perks

Want to increase your affiliate income without doubling or tripling your traffic? I’ve got two words for you: special perks.

Special perks are what I call uncommon promotional tools and resources your affiliate manager can give you to increase your conversions and commissions.

But Justine, why would they be willing to share extra stuff with little ol’ me?

First, your affiliate manager wants you to succeed so if they can give you a special perk to improve your performance, they will.

Second, sales driven by content affiliates have risen 240% in the past 2 years. Which means now more than ever, affiliate managers are investing additional time and resources into helping bloggers and content creators thrive in their affiliate programs.

Sounds great – how can I take advantage of these special perks you speak of?

That’s what today’s post is all about.

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